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Free 100% - Win 100%
SFOMO believes that we would provide a maximum aid for every style of trading from surfing, scarfing in the medium term to long term conclusiveness
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What’s all about Sfomo nonunanimous

SFOMO is an important platform or app to traders, especially the financial market traders. puritanism

SFOMO is a decentralized platform that is designed to monitor all the cryptocurrencies in major exchanges, their changes in price while feeding our AI with the data. Our platform has a machine learning system that's self-learning and can make predictions on the future prices of coins, allowing our users to know when to buy or sell.


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Sfomo Co. Ltd


iOS & Android
Mobile App hypercalcinuria

Get the control at your finger tips. Be well informed and up to date always. neogean

Once your get to be a member of our community, you’re in. Get access to our apps on your beloved platform.


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  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Native apps
Android App


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Data changes very fast, and for data to be worth something, it must be available when needed, and that's what SFOMO is about. We are live 247, always updating the data on our system.


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We are created to allow the distribution of an important aspect of the world of crypto trading, apt, fast and ever-changing data that can be used by our users to improve their trading activities. We get the data from keenly monitoring major exchanges, whales in crypto trading, trends and then transform, and distribute the data gotten to our users, who then use the data to trade.

Top crypto traders spend a lot to get the data and have spent years trying to get different sources for the information and SFOMO is offering the data to users in the manner that even novices will easily understand.

Ours is an AI-based ecosystem, providing the third party developers, tools, and infrastructures to craft out and design the needed smart contracts on SFOMO.


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  • SFOMO is a platform created for the field of Cryptocurrency.
  • SFOMO is an important platform or app to traders, especially the financial market traders.
  • SFOMO is linked to eight biggest Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and can easily have access to new data, which it shares on its platform.
  • SFOMO, not only follows the biggest exchanges, we also keenly follow the trading of “whale” at exchanges.
  • SFOMO is designed to be the foremost system that supports all methods of trade in the world.
  • Our bots, though being used in the field of cryptocurrencies, will be tweaked to be used in any stock exchange in the market to monitor trends, and make 99% accurate predictions.
  • SFOMO has an infrastructure that predicts that currency prices with an exact rate of up to 90%.


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On SFOMO, “People would catch the unusual growing speed, any coin getting the attention of the whales, accumulated coins, big buying walls, growth rate of a coin in the future, combined with technical analysis and news or events. SFOMO believes that we would provide a maximum aid for every style of trading from surfing, scarfing in the medium term to long term."


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ASFOMO vision is to craft a network that deals in crypto-trading related data sharing, and is involved in revolutionizing our AI ecosystem through the use of data mining infrastructure and smart data contracts.


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  • To build a data sharing platform, where crypto enthusiasts can stroll to and monitor the trends in the world of crypto trading.
  • A platform where users can have access to trading bots that make 99% accurate predictions on the price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies.
  • A data sharing platform that is the one-stop zone for users that want to make profits in cryptotrading.
  • To allow for easy sharing of hardware, thereby streamlining AI communication.
  • Craft out easy traceability of data from its original source, thereby bringing quality and trustworthy data to users.


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SFOMO is currently working on its foremost app in a beta testing format. The app is available at Google Play Store. A lot of crypto enthusiasts are involved in the beta testing, and when complete, more features that will aid the crypto trading experience will be added to the app.


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The app can work on various devices.

SFOMO's team will always be involved in research to ensure a better package is churned out.


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SFOMO's team has been in the world of cryptocurrencies, especially crypto trading, and have watched with terror how traders keep on losing because they do not have in their grasp the data or information needed to trade efficiently.

We, at SFOMO, has decided to nip the problem in the bud by creating a platform, where users can have access to data in real time, use the AI products in our marketplaces, and can craft out their own unique strategies.


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SFOMO intends to be a platform that is equipped with cross-chain transactional features, and ultimately, a platform with tokens, whose worth will increase because of the increase in demand for the tokens.

SFOMO intends to be the investment and payment solutions for cryptocurrencies.


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SFOMO Platform intends to issue its utility token, SFC- SFOMO COIN to incentivize our platform's users.

SFC is a key part of SFOMO network. To benefit from the numerous features of SFOMO, one must have the SFC.


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Users, both those crypto traders using the innovative infrastructures like our AI products, bots have to procure SFC before they can make use of them. While developers of AI products and want to benefit from our platforms and get paid for their products.

For now, SFC- SFOMO Token- will be based on the Ethereum blockchain, and it will be an ERC 20 based token.

Every feature, either paid or not will be accessible with our SFOMO tokens- SFC.


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Our business model is dependent on various revenue sources. SFOMO makes revenue, with a tiny fee, from the purchase made in our marketplaces like:


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  • Procurement of indicators created by developers in our AI product marketplace.
  • Procuring of data collected, analyzed and simplified in our data marketplace. The data gotten here are from the top exchanges, top crypto traders or enthusiasts, and whales. Our trading bot analyzes the data and makes predictions on the future of cryptocurrencies.
  • Little fee will be charged for making use of our machine learning features to couple together and building the trading strategies
  • Little fee for the renting our strategies made by both the system and developers for copy trading and others


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Tokens can be used to hunt for AI products and bots developed by third parties. When SFOMO fights the product needed by the user, tokens get released to SFOMO and given to the owner of the product.

SFOMO tokens will also be used for escrow services.


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